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Cherry, Plum, and Cognac Ice Cube Shots | The Humidity Guru

Bradley ChenComment
Cherry, Plum, and Cognac Ice Cube Shots | The Humidity Guru

Cherry, Plum, and Cognac Ice Cube Shots | The Humidity Guru

July 5, 2018


A Sticky, Icky State of Mind

I love Shanghai, I say as sweat pours down my face. I love Shanghai, I say as said sweat begins to dry, but is then only rehydrated by the next wave of smelly liquid. I love Shanghai, as a horde of mosquitos drown in the layer of sweat that has formed around my skin. I. love. Shanghai. 

Despite the absolutely G R O S S weather, I really do love my city. It's heartwarming to see that even with the brutal heatwave, outdoor vendors and shop-owners still give it their 100% to provide support for their families. In fact, no matter the weather condition in Shanghai, I'm always greeted with a smile when I go to buy that pack of dumplings or grab a steaming hot bao bun on the way home. Just a little snippet of the local lifestyle in Shanghai I think we can all learn from. 

Some of the most popular food & beverage vendors in Shanghai are the plum-juice vendors. Essentially just a sweetened juice made from plums, it is well-known for it's cooling properties during the summer months. 


The Shake

This week I've created a drink to specifically combat the summer heat, using locally purchased plum juice. These ice cube shots are probably one of the easiest things to make on this blog, and can be done in 10 minutes right before bed. And even better, they're ready for you first thing in the morning. Simplicity really is a beautiful thing. 

If you can't find plum juice or fresh plums, feel free to replace it with any juice from a stone-fruit that complements the flavors of the cognac and the cherry. Once again, with drinks, your imagination is the limit so don't hesitate to try something new!





  • 1 oz of cognac

  • 1.75 oz of plum juice

  • 4-5 cherries, pitted and quartered

  1. For each ice cube mold, place one quartered cherry. Set aside.

  2. Fill a shaker with the ice. Pour in the cognac and plum juice and stir until well-incorporated and chilled. 

  3. Pour the mixture into the ice cube molds

  4. Freeze for at least 8 hours, preferably overnight. 

  5. Enjoy!