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Foraging Fetes: What to Get at the Farmers Market

Bradley ChenComment
Foraging Fetes: What to Get at the Farmers Market

Foraging Fetes: What to Get at the Farmers Market

September 9, 2018


Friends Who Forage

I'm content. This weekend was greeted by the beginnings of changing seasons, marked by the crisp, fall(ish) air - the kind that gently moves across your skin, creating that perfect balance between hot and cold.

The fortunate change in weather was definitely a spectacle my friends and I were excited about. And my friend Jeffrey and I knew we had to look for opportunities to celebrate all things in season.

Greek Chicken Salad with Tzatziki

Jeffrey and I became good friends at the end of last year due to a natural bond over our not-so-positive experiences at college. While our friendship was born out of negative energy, we quickly realized we had a lot in common. In particular, I believe Jeffrey and I are naturally curious people who love to forage for fresh food, fresh experiences, and in this case...fresh produce!

Yup, you heard me! After our plans to hit up the donut shop downtown were thwarted, we ended up making a trip to the local farmer's market to forage for all season! And let me say...I'm glad that I was able to see fall fruits and vegetables OTHER than eggplant. As I walked through the stands and eyed all the fresh produce, I realized that I knew little about the seasonality of foods and was thus inspired to write up a little guide on what to get at the farmer's market this time round. 

Fresh Baked Bread

September's Seasonal Produce

1) Peppers

I don't know about you but a proper, juicy pepper may just be one of my favorite fall vegetables. And at this time of the year, peppers reach the peak of their ripeness and are a real treat. Definitely pick some up while they're still in season to whip up a delicious dip or a spicy skillet of Shakshuka!

Farmers Market - Peppers

2) Tomatoes

One of the defining characteristics of fresh produce is usually a pleasant aroma. With basil plants, you can never go wrong with this aspect. These classic herbs pack so much flavor and are such a pleasure to stand next to. 

Farmers Market - Tomatoes

3) Apples

Okay, I know it's not OFFICIALY fall yet, but I'm still glad I can find a nice, ripe apple to munch on. These are the epitome of fall fruits and vegetables and are a staple in any household. They also store well in the cold, which means you can still use them for that scrumptious spiced apple pie during the winter months. 

Apple Cheddar Panini

4)...and Eggplant 

I really couldn't leave this fella out because they are honestly ALL OVER the place. It's like the farmers market has been infested with these purple, oblong vegetables. Although I paint these fellas in a bad light, I actually do enjoy them because they are in season for quite a long time and, when prepared properly, are delicious. My personal favorite is steamed eggplant tossed with soy sauce & sesame oil.

Farmers Market - Fresh Produce

Nature's Bounty

Overall, our trip to the farmers market was definitely more than successfully. After a particularly stressful week, this outing was much needed. Not only did I force myself to learn about the seasonality of produce, I also felt much more relaxed after a morning planned for the benefit of my mental state. See exhibit A below for reference :)

Happy Bradley

Lastly, I just want to thank Jeffrey for spending time with me! Jeffrey is an amazing photographer and blogger who is one of the sweetest, most down-to-earth people I know. I would definitely recommend checking out his work for a lovely surprise and I hope this guide helped you figure out the nuts and bolts behind the sorts of fresh produce to get at the farmers market.

Well then...what are you waiting for? Go grab the darn things while their still in season!





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