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Top Things to do in Miami: The Magic City

Bradley ChenComment
Top Things to do in Miami: The Magic City

Top Things to do in Miami: The Magic City

February 8, 2019


Happy New Year

Welcome to 2019! Another apology for the lack of content here on Brad & Butter. As much as I love sharing my adventures and ideas, I figured I should take some time off to spend with my family (and we also don’t have stable internet connection so i’m barely even able to access my blog).

To make up for the lack of content in the last month, this post will feature some of the highlights of my family vacation to Florida, and the (exciting!) changes Brad & Butter is facing in the upcoming year.

Fort Lauderdale

I’m not sure if this is just an Asian parent thing, but whenever my family plans a trip, they automatically claim our destination is whatever larger, more recognized city in the vicinity. For months my parents were telling me (and thus resulted in me telling all my friends) that we were headed to Miami for a couple days. And while our property, the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort was an absolute pleasure to stay at, I must say I felt a twinge of disappointment when I realized we were still 45 minutes away from city life.

Fort Lauderdale Beaches

Since we had planned to drive to Miami for the majority of our family festivities, we decided to spend one day on the beaches by Seabreeze Road. I must say, it had been a while since I spent time at a beach, and boy did I enjoy myself. You can’t really beat classic Chinese card games under the sun, moody sunset photoshoots, and painting yourself a couple shades darker with UV rays now can you?

Fort Lauderdale Beaches

And if you’re a foodie like me looking to treat yourself (or someone else) to something special, definitely check out the restaurant 3030 Ocean in the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort. While their menu changes daily, every plate served to me and family far exceeded our expectations. My favorite was the littleneck clams in a rich, chorizo broth, which had the perfect balance of umami, spice, and acidity.

3030 Ocean Restaurant


The Magic City doesn’t get it’s nickname for no reason. Apparently, it’s title is derived from the change vibrant neighborhood boomed from little to…well not very little at all (courtesy of Wikipedia).

Our first stop in Miami was my absolute favorite: Wynwood. The district is known for it’s intricate murals and artistic flair that plasters the building walls, breathing life into the once desolate neighborhood. Upon doing some more research (ahem Wikipedia), the area was revitalized after developers recognized it’s potential, transforming it into the art district it is known for.

Wynwood Walls

New Year, New Us

As the clock struck midnight on the final moments of 2018, my mind began to drift away from festivities and into reflection. To be honest, I’ve never taken this whole New Year’s Resolution deal too seriously. Yet, something about this year told me that perhaps I should try a little harder with my goals and milestones. I ended up settling with the following designed to help me grow towards the person I hope to be.

  1. travel more

  2. diversify my culinary skill set

  3. play with a different style of photography

  4. make less excuses

  5. be more consistent




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