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When it comes to baking & pastry, I automatically drift to picture perfect cakes and cupcakes. While you may not be able to find cakes built & frosted to perfection here on Brad & Butter (i’m workin on it), what you will find is recipes where my creativity takes a stronghold. To me, cakes are the perfect blank canvas in the world of pastry, and it is up to the baker to paint life into some of the most classic recipes that have defined dessert in today’s day and age.

Simple yet elegant, pies & tarts hold a special place in my heart. With pies & tarts, the possibilities are limitless. From the perfect, crisp crust to the inventive fillings that can take up any shape or form, this section is the perfect place for budding bakers to begin their culinary adventure. Butter up (pun intended), because you’re about to go for a ride!

For the daring baker unafraid of failure & willing to take risks, patisserie is your home sweet home. The wide array of classic pastries puts skill to the test. The recipes found here are some of my favorite base recipes accumulated from the best of pastry chefs around the globe and never fails to make me sweat blood & tears (did someone say drama) whenever I attempt them.

Nothing is as classic as grandma’s homemade cookies. For those seeking the ultimate comfort in the form of food, this is your oasis. From classic chocolate chip cookies to elegant shortbread, you’ll definitely find a sense of comfort and warmth in this collection. And since, there’s no such thing as a bad cookie (duhh), you can never go wrong with this Brad & Butter classic.

One of the oldest recipes across all cultures. Handmade, artisan breads tell volumes about care and love. The time and effort put into baking bread is unrivaled in the field of baking and there is nothing more comforting than feasting on the perfect loaf. Here, Brad & Butter strives to spice up the ancient methods of bread production through innovation and creativity.

Cultures across the globe can have more similarities than most people think. In the world of baking & pastry, this makes it hard to classify everything into one category. Thus, this section explores the undefined among the many desserts we have come to know and love today.



There is nothing more relaxing than sipping a cup (or bowl) to calm the nerves. In Chinese cuisine, soup is of utmost importance and has become a staple in almost every meal. Here, you will find classic and modern recipes inspired by family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

To be 100% honest, you won’t find that many salad recipes here on Brad & Butter because while Brad is a health geek, he definitely feels maxed out on his life’s worth of meals in salads. Which is why he created this section. This section is for the amuse bouche loving, appetizer adoring foodie that just can’t seem to get enough of that bruschetta or tea sandwich. Sound like you? Yeah, me too. Whether you just like small things or need an excuse to binge on tiny portion sizes, this section is your home court.



Kick start your morning with some of my favorite home recipes that are easily accessible, delicious, and (sometimes) on the more health-conscious side. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what qualifies as a “breakfast” option because I’d pretty much eat anything for breakfast. That being said, the consensus seems to be that breakfast & brunch recipe seem to have a couple things in common: carbs, eggs, and lots of love.

There’s nothing like a satisfying Sunday Roast or that perfectly seared cut of steak. While Brad & Butter was born from sweets & treats, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a savory tooth. This section is a compilation of what I eat from day-to-day as a somewhat broke college student. It might be a step up from clothing iron grilled cheese, but these recipes definitely err towards low maintenance without sacrificing on flavor.



Last, but definitely not least. No meal is complete without a drink to wash it all down. Check out some Brad & Butter recipe inspired by some of my favorite classics!